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Colburn Lab

University of Delaware- Colburn Lab, University of Delaware, 150 Academy St, Newark, DE 19716-3196, USA

Colburn Lab


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CBE Department Seminar - Mark Shiflett, DuPont Central Research & Development

CBE Department Seminar - Mark Shiflett, DuPont... 10am 4/25/2014

Ionic Liquids The history of ionic liquids (ILs) effectively started in 1914, when the physical properties of ethylammonium nitrate ([CH3CH2NH3+][NO3-],...

CBE Department Seminar - Lynden Archer, Cornell University

CBE Department Seminar - Lynden Archer, Cornell... 10am 5/2/2014

Nanoporous Hybrid Electrolytes Secondary batteries capable of reliably storing and delivering large amounts of electrical energy are key components in...

CCST Seminar: Carsten Sievers

CCST Seminar: Carsten Sievers 10am 5/9/2014

Development of Heterogeneous Catalysts for Removing Oxygen from Biomass-Derived Compounds The conversion of biorenewable feedstocks to value-added chemicals...

CMET Seminar - Nicky Eshtiaghi, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

CMET Seminar - Nicky Eshtiaghi, RMIT... 2pm 5/22/2014

"Irreversible Impact of Thermal Treatment of Rheological Behaviour of Anaerobic Digested Sludge"

CCST: George C. A. Schuit Symposium

CCST: George C. A. Schuit Symposium 10am 5/23/2014

"Insights into Fundamentals of ElectrocatalysisIs there a common “activity yardstick” which applies to all fuel cell electrocatalysts?" Electrocatalysis can...

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