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Graphic image: Defining Labor poster with drawings and text
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Defining Labor is an exhibition showcasing new works by Donte J. Moore and Michael Dela Dika. Each artist has an individual relationship to, and personal...

A Small but Mighty Press: The University of Delaware Press 100th Anniversary
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Since its launch in the summer of 1922, the University of Delaware Press has seen its share of ups and downs, but its small size has never limited its...

First and Last: Delaware’s Fraught History with Slavery and Abolition
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Despite being the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution in 1787, Delaware refused to sign the 13th Amendment to formally abolish slavery until 1901. In...

5th Annual Women Leading Delaware Education Conference: "She Leads"
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The Women Leading Delaware Education Conference is a networking and professional learning event for all leaders in K-12 and higher education settings. The...

Confident Conversations: Useful Tools to Address Farmer Stress and Difficult Topics
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As educators and service providers, we are in a unique position to support success of farmer, waterman, logger, horticulture and ag worker operations. We...

The Artist’s Book in Our Times
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Artists’ books are a type of artistic expression that uses the form or function of a book as inspiration. The book itself is the art, incorporating...

Focus on Painting
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Painting gives artists a blank canvas to experiment with form and technique and to capture an array of subjects and emotions. In Focus on Painting, explore...

Ground Minerals from Pigments to Palette
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Throughout history, minerals have been used as vibrantly colored pigments to make paint. Although artists today use them less frequently, the presence of...

Seeing Textiles in Painting, Printing and Papermaking, 1960-Today
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Every day, people engage with textiles in the woven materials of clothing, the pieced fabric of quilts and the hand stitching of embroidery. Seeing Textiles...