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#WeAreHereUD Vision Wall

9/28/2016 Add to my calendar
Perkins Student Center, Perkins from September 13-20; Trabant September 21-28  

Imagine a world without sexual violence...what would be different? Post a selfie with your sticky note on the Vision Wall. #WeAreHereBlueHens,...

Shakespeare Through the Ages Exhibition

9/28/2016 9am Add to my calendar
Morris Library, Special Collections Exhibition Gallery  

This exhibition explores the reception and treatment of William Shakespeare’s works across the years, ranging from Shakespeare’s age to our own. Objects on...

HPC Symposium Series

9/28/2016 10am Add to my calendar
Pearson Hall, Room 116, Faculty Commons  

HPC symposium is designed for those researchers using or interested in using the University's High-Performance Computing (HPC) clusters. Presentation by:...

September HPC Symposium

9/28/2016 10am Add to my calendar
Pearson Hall, Room 116, Faculty Commons  

University of Delaware researchers are invited to the September High Performance Computing Symposium session, scheduled Wednesday, Sept. 28. The session...

Chocolate Fest

9/28/2016 11am Add to my calendar
Trabant Food Courts  

What’s not to love about this sweet indulgence? On Wednesday, September 28th, come get some delicious chocolate treats in the Trabant Food Court from 11 am...

ECE Fall Seminar Series

9/28/2016 11:15am Add to my calendar
Evans Hall, Room 204  

DSS/CS Speaker, Shuai Hao, University of Delaware Title: Domain Name System on Today's Internet: Exploring the Deployment Pattern and Caching...

SIG-SYS Seminar - Jon Bell (George Mason Univ.)

9/28/2016 2:30pm Add to my calendar
Smith Hall, Room 102A  

Making Software More Reliable by Uncovering Hidden Dependencies Details on this talk including the abstract can be found at...

Set up for Health Fair

9/28/2016 3pm Add to my calendar
Hilltop Lutheran Neighborhood Center -  

We also have some health fairs – we could use a couple of people to help with set up and then the event - contact Peggy Stinson or 831-0477

Target Case Competition Information Session

9/28/2016 4pm Add to my calendar
Alfred Lerner Hall, Room 231  

In partnership with the UD Career Services Center, TARGET will be sponsoring an UNDERGRADUATE CASE STUDY COMPETITION. This is your chance to win BIG MONEY...

Acing the Interview for Business Majors

9/28/2016 5pm Add to my calendar
Alfred Lerner Hall, Atrium  

Attend this employer panel to learn about interviewing tips from the experts! Serving on the panel will be representatives from Ernst & Young and Enterprise.