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Karen Johnston

Karen Johnston left a review 10/10/2019

It was fine. It was a nice day. Maybe frisbee or corn hole available? I didn't eat any of the food as I didn't want anything quit that sweet between 11 and 1.

Pamela Niemann

Pamela Niemann left a review 9/17/2019

The weather was perfect and the chair massages were the best. Thank you for the much needed stress reliever, muscle relaxer. The wait time for a massage was inconvenient and I suggest going back to allowing employees to sign up for a time slot ahead of the event. It would also be great if you could get more than 2 chairs since the massages are so popular!

However, the information tables were limited and a repeat of a lot of the same information that has been shared in the past.

Eileen Moye

Eileen Moye left a positive review 9/17/2019

Beautiful day for wellbeing on the Green. Thank you to your Team for coordinating such a great event. The speakers were excellent and the walk with Dean Matt was very nice!