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Spring Siegfried Youth Leadership Programâ„¢ (SYLP)

This semi-annual secondary school youth leadership program invites Delaware secondary students to UD campus to engage with motivational speakers, explore...

2/26/2020 9am

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Stephanie Bassette

Stephanie Bassette left a review 12/4/2019

The Center for Black Culture's did a great job with the event. I loved the decorations, the student involvement, staff involvement and my whole experience leading up to and even going into the the event. Unfortunately did not enjoy how unwelcoming the guest speaker, Jasmine Guy was to some of her guests. On stage she appeared to very humble but off stage very unapproachable and cold.
However, it didn't stop me from feeling grateful and thankful to our University and The Center for Black Culture's for allowing such a wonderful opportunity to take place, Maybe next time we can select someone like Common very active in our culture with activism, charities,topics that deals with racial divide and is a motivator and provides encouragement for adults and youth of all ages across cultures. Thank you for having us and God Bless You All.

Torey Daniels

Torey Daniels left a positive review 9/23/2019

He was an amazing motivational speaker. No Kids In Prison campaign that was shown in the video was great to hear about. I'm ready to learn about solutions and ways I can take action to help end youth incarceration and invest in youth programs.

Elba Sepulveda-Cabassa

Elba Sepulveda-Cabassa left a positive review 9/17/2019

All presented information, panelists and resources were awsome!!

Jirat Laksanalamai

Jirat Laksanalamai left a positive review 8/19/2019

very well prepared, and I learnt many useful information from the event.

Megan Deschaine

Megan Deschaine left a positive review 8/19/2019

This program was well-organized. I feel prepared to take on grad school!

Michael Dela Dika

Michael Dela Dika left a positive review 8/19/2019

well organized and covered all aspects of what we needed to start grad school

Maura Ruffing

Maura Ruffing left a positive review 4/28/2018

Great Inaugural Event! Wonderful engaged experienced alumni, panel speakers and the best UD students in attendance. Looking forward to next's year's event!!

George Wendelburg

George Wendelburg left a positive review 5/13/2015

Great Symposium - AM devoted to results of recent research - (explanations simplified), lunch and PM devoted to current topics (refinery and other).

Daniel Lees

Daniel Lees left a positive review 5/12/2014


Julian Jackson

Julian Jackson left a review 11/2/2014

The Multi-Ethnic career conference was an outstanding event. It flowed perfectly, there were no problems, and I learned a lot. The keynote was great and I learned a lot in the workshop about networking, interviewing, dress, and resumes. The only complaint that I have is the career fair had very little opportunities for COMM majors. I would like to see more PR firm, television station, and radio station representatives. Also a personal interest of mine is working in the more corporate side of professional sports. So maybe in the future Career services can see if they can get different representatives at the fair other than the usual J.P Morgan, Du Pont, etc. Awesome event thought.