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University of Delaware- Colburn Lab, University of Delaware, 150 Academy St, Newark, DE 19716-3196, USA

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CMET Seminar - Yogesh Joshi, IIT Kanpur

Using Rheology to Determine the Phase Behavior: A Case Study of Colloidal Suspension of Charged Discotic Particles​

2/27/2019 10:30am
CBE Seminar: Tatiana Segura, Duke University

"ENGINEERING THERAPEUTIC ANGIOGENIC MATERIALS FOR BRAIN REPAIR" Ischemic stroke is caused by the sudden blockage of blood vessels in the brain leading to an...

3/8/2019 10am
MSEG Seminar - Dr. Dominik Konkolewicz

Dr. Dominik Konkolewicz, Department of Chemistry, Miami University Engineering Dynamically Bonded Materials using Simple Organic Reactions

3/13/2019 10:30am
CBE Seminar: Mattheos Koffas, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

"A Sense of Balance: Development of Metabolic Pathway Balancing Approaches for the Production of High Value Chemicals in Recombinant E.coli" A long theme in...

3/29/2019 10am
CBE Seminar: Kaushal Rege, Arizona State University

"Aminoglycoside-derived Molecular and Cellular Technologies for Accelerated Discovery Platforms" Innovations in molecular and cellular technology platforms...

4/12/2019 10am

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