BME Seminar: Dr. Darryl Thelen, University of Wisconsin

Gauging tendon behavior by observing tissue dynamics


Advances in imaging technologies are enhancing our understanding of muscle-tendon mechanics within the human body. For example, ultrasonic imaging in particular has emerged as a powerful tool to characterize muscle and tendon kinematics during movement. In this seminar, we will review evidence of sliding between tendon substructures that seems to arise naturally and may be critical to normal muscle-tendon function. We will also introduce an exciting new approach for tracking tendon kinetics during movement using shear wave tensiometers. The tensiometers can noninvasively monitor shear wave propagation in tendons during locomotion, and use such information to infer the tension being transmitted by muscles.  Applications of this technology for retraining movement, studying aging and investigating the causes of movement disorders will be discussed.


Dr. Darryl Thelen is the Spangler Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is also the Associate Dean for Research in the College of Engineering.

Monday, October 16, 2017 at 10:45am to 11:45am

Patrick T. Harker Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory, Room 322
221 Academy Street, Newark, DE 19716

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