Funding the Future Financial Literacy Concerts

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Funding the Future, a nationally recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is working with the Lerner Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship to present an innovative solution to the growing financial literacy issue across the United States by teaching financial literacy to high school students - at no cost to schools!


To receive more information about hosting a live-streamed Financial Literacy Concert in your Delaware high school during the period of September 1 thru October 15, teachers and school administrators are invited to contact the Lerner Center for Economic Education's personal finance program coordinator, Gail Colbert, at .   


Inspiring young people with lessons of financial discipline is a tall order. Funding the Future utilizes an innovative and powerful tool to engage youth - live performances by celebrity musical artists. By using the raw, undeniable energy of a live concert performance, these interactive, high-energy shows integrate original music, multimedia visuals, and a proven written curriculum with an integral testimony of the artists’ life stories, dreams, trials, and successes to provide young adults valuable lessons in: • Creating a financial savings and investment plan • Managing the rise in expenses as income increases • Avoiding unnecessary debt • Pitfalls of predatory lending and payday loans • Debunking the myth and hype of overnight success • Importance of self-reliance • A positive influence of education and community mentors • Following your passion These vital lessons equip young people to make informed financial decisions throughout their lives, and give them the discipline and confidence to make their own dreams realities.




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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

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