Sociotechnical Systems Center Seminar / Prof. El Ganaoui Mourlan Ouafae , IFP School in France

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“The ECAV Chair: Advancing Education and Research in Electric, Connected, and Autonomous Vehicles for Sustainable mobility.”


Abstract: In the future, the Electric, Connected, and Autonomous Vehicle (ECAV) will be seen as a means of not only meeting the requirements for individual comfort, safety, and fluidity of transport but also facing the challenges of environmental issues. There will therefore be significant needs in the future for in-depth scientific knowledge and the creation of new skills in the field of ECAV. In this context, the ECAV Chair funded by the Tuck Foundation was launched at the beginning of 2019 at IFP School. This Chair has a prominent role in the development of closer connections between education and research activities in this field. The goal is to expand students’ skills and make them well-prepared for future challenges the industry will have to face. This seminar will provide an overview of the research and teaching activities undertaken since the establishment of the ECAV Chair. Key topics that will be discussed include the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, ongoing education, and training, and the role of research in driving innovation. We will also explore some of the challenges involved in advancing mobility through electric and autonomous driving projects, such as the development of an Energy Management System for controlling a Smart Microgrid with Electric Vehicles and the simulation and analysis of connected autonomous vehicles crossing a roundabout using V2I architecture. Finally, we will highlight the critical role of AI in achieving these goals.

Through this seminar, we hope to identify areas of collaboration between the University of Delaware, IFPEN, and IFP School, as we work towards creating a brighter and more sustainable future for transportation.


Bio: Ouafae El Ganaoui Mourlan is a Professor of Sustainable Mobility at IFP School in France, where she leads the Electrification and Automotive Propulsion Research-Oriented Master's degree in partnership with the ENS Paris Saclay University. She holds a Ph.D. in Fluid Mechanics from the University of Aix Marseille II and an Engineering degree from the École Centrale de Marseille. She is a co-holder of the Electric, Connected, and Autonomous Vehicles Chair (ECAV), which reflects her expertise in advanced automotive technologies. Since 2006, she has organized a session on cold start and emissions for the WCX International Conference in the United States and served as FISITA's Deputy Vice President for the Education Committee. Born in Fez, Morocco, Dr. El Ganaoui Mourlan has demonstrated a remarkable ability to bridge the gap between academia and industry. Her career path has the particularity of touching several scientific fields while remaining oriented towards understanding and improving the transport sector for a successful energy transition. Her goal is to contribute to fostering cleaner, smarter, and more accessible mobility for all.


Host: Prof. Andreas Malikopoulos

Monday, April 24, 2023 at 10:00am to 11:00am

Evans Hall, Room 204
Evans Hall, University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19716, USA

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Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

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Andreas Malikopoulos


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