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DSI Distinguished Lecture - John Younger

The Data Science Institute is very happy to have Dr. John Younger, Vice President, Science and Technology, University City Science Center visiting for a...

1/28/2020 10:30am
Friday Roundtable - Testing Tools and Environments That Foster Integrity

Faculty at UD have many options when it comes to creating tests and classroom environments that foster integrity. Panelists will discuss how they approach...

2/14/2020 3:30pm
Friday Roundtable - Documenting Your Teaching for Promotion & Tenure

Faculty from across the University will share their insights and experiences from the promotion and tenure process and discuss the elements of a successful...

2/28/2020 3:30pm
Friday Roundtable - Infusing Entrepreneurial Outcomes into Your Courses

Inspired by President’s Assanis’ charge to infuse entrepreneurship into the entire curriculum, this roundtable will be an opportunity for you to consider how...

3/20/2020 3:30pm
Harrington Symposium on Race and the University

​The Harrington Symposium on Race and the University will launch a discussion on our campus of the legacies of slavery and race in universities and the...

4/16/2020 5pm

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Kendra Lynn

Kendra Lynn left a negative review 9/3/2019

I didn't actually get to attend this class - 8 students who had signed up were waiting in Gore 304 and missed the class. I had gone to Purnell 233 and only a few minutes before class was supposed to start no one was there. I checked the course listing on the University events calendar and it said Gore 304, so I (and others) went over there instead. This disorganization led to several of us missing out on the class.

Catherine Heilferty

Catherine Heilferty left a positive review 4/12/2019

I came away with 2 great strategies I plan to use ASAP!!

Haochen Zhao

Haochen Zhao left a positive review 10/2/2018

I have something to do so I leave this activity early. I think this activity is great. There are interesting things, just like Google culture, spirit and how to apply for job and so on.

Francis Eleuterio

Francis Eleuterio left a positive review 2/19/2018

The presentation of the National Study of Student Engagement survey was very well organized and delivered. All presenters provided clear and relevant information.

Katherine Dettwyler

Katherine Dettwyler left a negative review 4/13/2016

It was a complete and utter disaster. The speaker was supposed to be Dr. Patricia Sloan-White, from the UD Department of Anthropology, speaking about her newly completed book on "Corporate Islam." Instead, that lecture had been cancelled, apparently some weeks before, and replaced by a lecture from a graduate student from the History Department on a completely unrelated topic. I had encouraged my students to attend and a huge number of them showed up, along with myself and another faculty member from my department. When we were told by Dr. Brophy that the lecture we had come to hear had been cancelled, I stuck my head in the door of the classroom and told my students the news and most (or all) of them got up and left. Subsequently, I was the recipient of several pissy emails from Dr. Brophy, even though he is the one responsible -- from my perspective -- for the confusion. If UD plans to advertise campus events as happening, and being open to the public, they need to make sure there is a fail-safe method of making sure that changes to the calendar are reflected on the website in a timely manner. And if a room has only a few extra seats available for members of the public, perhaps the event shouldn't be listed on the Calendar of Events at all. I now have a number of students and two community members, who I had specifically invited, annoyed at me for their bother. Along with Dr. Brophy, who seems to think it is my fault, somehow.

William Matthaeus

William Matthaeus left a positive review 4/6/2016

The Department of Physics and Astronomy took the unusual step of bringing in Dr. Chad Starks, a criminologist, to talk about STEM recruitment and broader issues related to structural inequalities in our society. Dr. Starks is an Associated Director of Delaware Space Grant and has interesting and effective ideas for increasing participation of underrepresented groups in STEM subjects. This colloquium covered a lot of ground and clearly engaged the audience,. It was a full house with as many as twenty people standing to listen. It was still full at the end, and the question and discussion period might have gone on still longer. This was a real interchange of ideas in a highly cross disciplinary mode. Attended by people from numerous departments and many graduate and undergraduate students, I would say it was a real success.

Thomas Rocek

Thomas Rocek left a positive review 2/18/2015

Very thought provoking!

Kevin Liedel

Kevin Liedel posted a photo 2/18/2015

Gore Hall

Gore Hall posted a photo 10/4/2012

Paul Hyde

Paul Hyde posted a photo 12/4/2011

Renee Hobbs, featured speaker Renee Hobbs, featured speaker