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CBE Seminar: Rajamani Gounder, Purdue University

Beyond Single-Site Heterogeneous Catalyst Design: Controlling the Spatial Proximity and Mobility of Active Sites Single-site heterogeneous catalysts...

9/29/2017 10am
Robert L. Pigford Memorial Lecture

David Boger, Boger Fluids to Environmental Rheology This presentation traces the rheological research starting at Monash University in 1966 and continued...

10/6/2017 10am
CBE Seminar: Theresa Reineke, University of Minnesota

Enabling Functional Biomaterials Through Controlled Polymer Synthesis Multifunctional macromolecules have a tremendous impact on a multitude of...

10/13/2017 10am
CBE Seminar: Hal Alper, The University of Texas at Austin

Engineering an Expanded Chemical Palette in Cells An industrial biotechnology revolution is approaching. Recent technical advances are leading to a...

10/20/2017 10am
2017 Neutron Day

"Solving Grand Challenge Problems in Science & Engineering with Neutrons" Sponsored by the Center for Neutron Science, National Institute for Standards &...

11/8/2017 9am

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