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CBE Seminar: Elizabeth Topp, Purdue University

High Resolution Characterization of Proteins in Amorphous Solids Over the last decade, our group has developed solid-state hydrogen deuterium exchange...

3/3/2017 10am
CCST Seminar: Daniel Esposito

Daniel Esposito received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at the University of Delaware and studied as a postdoctoral research associate at the National...

3/23/2017 10am
CBE Seminar: Fabio Ribeiro, Purdue University

On the Reaction Mechanism and the Nature of the Active Site for Standard Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx on Cu/SSZ-13 Zeolites Cu/SSZ-13 zeolites...

3/24/2017 10am
CBE Seminar: Katy Kao, Texas A&M University

Harnessing the Adaptive Capacity of Biological Systems for Microbial Strain Development Rational strain development requires a priori knowledge of the...

3/31/2017 10am
CBE Seminar: Brian Edwards, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Steady Shearing Flow of an Entangled Polymeric Liquid The polymer industries comprise a major component of the US manufacturing economy. These industries...

4/7/2017 10am

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