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MSEG - Seminar Dr. Glen Solomon

Dr. Glen Solomon - Joint Quantum Institute, National Institue of Standards & Technology "Measuring Photon Non-Classicality Using Quantum-Dot Light Sources"

10/18/2017 10:30am
MSEG - Seminar Dr. Jamie Phillips

Dr. Jamie Phillips - Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Maryland "Photovoltaics for Self-Powered mm-Scale Systems and Recent Advances for IR...

10/25/2017 10:30am
MSEG Seminar - Dr. Erik Luijten

Dr. Erik Luijten - Chair of Materials Science & Engineering, Northwestern University "Dynamics of Passive and Active Colloids"

11/15/2017 10:30am
MSEG Seminar - Dr. Jennifer Hoffman

Dr. Jennifer Hoffman - Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Harvard University "Imaging the Surface States of a Strongly Correlated Topological Insulator"

12/13/2017 10:30am

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Tousif Ahmed

Tousif Ahmed left a positive review 5/5/2017

Best! Professor Arruda talked about FEA modeling section in great detail.

Emily Tucci

Emily Tucci left a positive review 3/13/2017

An amazing integration of science, art, history, and conservation. What a beautiful way to draw attention to the artistic presence we have so close to our university!

Katherine Dettwyler

Katherine Dettwyler left a positive review 4/11/2016

This was great. I had encouraged my students to attend and while only 6 of them showed up, both talks were very well done and interesting and relevant to the classes I teach, especially the second one on women in prison. I didn't realize that lunch was provided, but that's OK. I was able to find out about research being done on campus by a professor in another school that overlaps in a number of interesting ways with my own current research, so that was especially great.

Fenglu Xu

Fenglu Xu left a positive review 4/11/2016

I can learn a lot from their good speech.

Barbara Cullis

Barbara Cullis left a positive review 10/17/2013

Beautiful building!