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Joyce Henderson

Joyce Henderson left a positive review 2/10/2017

I really enjoyed the lecturer. Speaker, Brian Chad was authentic and provided practical ways which individuals can begin to think outside of the box to embrace the topic of diversity and inclusion in higher education. I am convinced "respect for one another" is the value to uphold.

Chrysanthi Leon

Chrysanthi Leon left a positive review 4/18/2016

I was really proud of the UD community of staff, faculty and students for engaging diverse perspectives on a controversial issue. The room was overflowing with people eager to learn about how we can treat incarcerated people with more humanity.

Jade Scott

Jade Scott left a positive review 3/16/2015

It was very infomative and to be honest, it hit close to home. The film was about women in the military with PTSD and what stuck me was the fact that there was more women had to deal with than just that. It was great to see many different stories. It reminded me of all my friends and family who are serving or already served this country. Especially some of my best friends are females and are serving. I think its wonderful and this film just opened my eyes and even more to feel not just proud, but honored to have women like my friends trying to change perceptions of a women's role in the world. I highly respect that and I think the film was great!

Lu Ann DeCunzo

Lu Ann DeCunzo posted a photo 3/4/2015

Rui Ning

Rui Ning left a positive review 9/18/2014

It was helpful for some international students who are not familiar with the US resume rules and style. There were a lot of useful information mentioned but not covered in the workshop due to the shortage of time. I hope the career service center could extend the workshop a little bit longer or arrange another sequel workshop to continue what's left. If we know the bulletin point of the workshop before attending, it will be more helpful to guide us which workshop we want to attend. Overall, it's a good workshop. Thank you for the good work!

Mohammed Alali

Mohammed Alali left a negative review 9/9/2014

I went late at 7pm but didn't find anybody there! I really need this kind of workshops

Julian Uran Martinez

Julian Uran Martinez left a negative review 9/9/2014

The ones that were supposed to run the workshop never showed up. It was a waste of time since I had other things to do instead of waiting for someone irresponsible. I really need this workshop.

Amber Johnson

Amber Johnson posted a photo 2/18/2014

Kirkbride Lecture Hall

Kirkbride Lecture Hall posted a photo 10/18/2012