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Library Orientation for UD Staff

As a University of Delaware staff member, you have access to an incredible array of resources through your UD Library, Museums, and Press. Join us to learn...

1/16/2019 10am
Scholar in the Library Series

Healthy Food and Policy: What Will It Take to Keep America’s Children Eating Well? There have been many efforts to encourage children to eat well—addressing...

2/13/2019 12pm

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Amanda Boone

Amanda Boone left a positive review 10/18/2018

I loved the class and the presenter was great! He went at the speed of the class and allowed questions at any time. Ready to learn more!

Dubravka Morgan

Dubravka Morgan left a positive review 10/10/2018

Very interesting and also useful

Doris Miklitz

Doris Miklitz left a positive review 3/12/2018

Interesting topic and lots of information waiting to be synthesized into a published work. Jazz was very popular in 20th c. Scandinavia, which perhaps a lot of people don't know. Hence, the acceptance of African-Americans in Danish society.

Kaitlyn Lawrence

Kaitlyn Lawrence left a positive review 11/30/2017

It was fantastic! Oscar Wilde is an author that I love, but have not read many works by. Nicholas Frankel was an amazing lecturer and was the push I needed to finally go and begin Wilde's "Picture of Dorian Gray" (especially the uncensored version edited by Prof. Frankel himself). A wonderful evening, and a fascinating lecture on authors and their inspirations.

Linda Garber

Linda Garber posted a photo 8/19/2013

Linda Garber

Linda Garber posted a photo 8/19/2013

Linda Garber

Linda Garber posted a photo 8/19/2013

Linda Garber

Linda Garber posted a photo 8/19/2013

Erik Rau

Erik Rau left a positive review 3/6/2013

Excellent and thought provoking. Points to major needs of educational and cultural institutions to get ahead of the Copyright Act curve and develop proactive and defensible policies to encourage the use and creation of knowledge.

Morris Library

Morris Library posted a photo 8/31/2012