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PERKINS LIVE | Comedian Kyle Kinane

PERKINS LIVE | Comedian Kyle Kinane 9/30/2016 10pm

Get Ready for the Weekend! Join us for Perkins Live!

 Law School Mock Admissions Panel

Law School Mock Admissions Panel 10/12/2016 10am

Students, Career Services, Academics, Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Education and Human Development / Career Services Center, Legal Studies, Public Policy & Administration

Mock Admission Panel featuring admissions reps from Seton Hall and University of Notre Dame. Anonymous application packages will be reviewed and students...

2016 Law School Fair

2016 Law School Fair 10/12/2016 12pm

Students, Career Services / Career Services Center, Criminal Justice, Government Relations, Legal Studies, Public Policy & Administration, Center for Political Communications

The law school fair provides the opportunity for students to explore options for furthering their education in the field of law, as well as, allowing...

Careers in Health Behavior Science

Careers in Health Behavior Science 10/13/2016 6pm

Career Services, Students, College of Health Sciences, Academics, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Education and Human Development

What is the field of health behavior science and what types of careers are out there? Come hear from UD alumni and employers about this exciting field and...

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Olga Gorbachev

Olga Gorbachev left a positive review 5/2/2016

It was a deeply moving and very powerful event with many messages. I loved it and wish there could be more.

Renee Myers

Renee Myers left a positive review 4/22/2016

I enjoyed going to this event and learning about many diverse companies that are out there, especially ones that I have not heard about. Everyone was very welcoming and helpful.

Joanne Sampson

Joanne Sampson posted a photo 2/12/2016

Speaker: Jessica Valenti Speaker: Jessica Valenti

Zhicheng Xiao

Zhicheng Xiao left a positive review 9/25/2015

Justin Willman was unbelievable.

Alyssa Lepera

Alyssa Lepera left a positive review 4/16/2015

It was pretty informative and helpful in knowing what to expect from an environmental career in the future. I liked that the panel was UD alumni who were environmental majors.

Joanne Sampson

Joanne Sampson posted a photo 4/16/2015

Chirag Mevawala

Chirag Mevawala left a review 2/28/2015

Speeches were good! Food was MEHHHHHHHHHH

Kati McLaughlin

Kati McLaughlin left a positive review 2/28/2015

Motivational message, great food, and fun prizes!

Yao Yao

Yao Yao left a positive review 1/14/2015

It was AWESOME!!!

Carolee Polek

Carolee Polek left a positive review 11/5/2012

Insightful perspective of the behind the scenes work that goes in to a health related story for the news. Dr. Geryk is a dynamic presenter.

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