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Diamond State Information Table

Financial Advising as a Career - What Does that Mean? Do you enjoy working with people and making a difference for your community? Have you always wanted...

2/11/2019 10am
EY Information Table

Stop by our Welcome Back table for food, giveaways, and to meet our EY professionals. Learn about awesome opportunities at EY!

2/13/2019 9am
PwC Information Table

Stop over and say hello to PwC UD Alumni and learn more about what a bright future at PwC looks like. Pick up some swag and food!

2/18/2019 10am
B&E Finance Seminar Series

R. David McLean, Associate Professor & Anderson Faculty Fellow, Georgetown University; McDonough School of Business...

2/22/2019 10:30am
Morgan Stanley Information Table

Stop by the information table to learn about opportunities at Morgan Stanley.

3/13/2019 8:30am

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Qin Hu

Qin Hu left a positive review 12/3/2018


Qin Hu

Qin Hu left a positive review 12/6/2018

The atmosphere was active.

Stanley Ayodeji Ohikhuemeh

Stanley Ayodeji Ohikhuemeh left a positive review 9/27/2018

It was nice knowing about the Wawa culture. I think the Tyler lecture should be held often in a semester. So inspiring!

Stanley Ayodeji Ohikhuemeh

Stanley Ayodeji Ohikhuemeh left a negative review 9/5/2018

Nothing much for graduate students.

David Arthur

David Arthur left a positive review 11/30/2017

Really interesting to hear Sam Caligione in person. Inspiring to hear the combination of business acumen, story-telling, strategy, and genuine passion!

Jinglu Yang

Jinglu Yang left a positive review 2/10/2017


Nataliya Naumova

Nataliya Naumova left a review 9/3/2015


Nataliya Naumova

Nataliya Naumova left a positive review 9/2/2015

The main recruiter Lauren is very friendly and helpful

Daniel Lees

Daniel Lees left a positive review 2/26/2015

Useful address, intelligently delivered, well paced and illustrated. Many practical insights.

Jieling Jiang

Jieling Jiang left a positive review 9/11/2014

i am a little bit sad that they want want international student... some international students can also be awesome