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Trabant University Center, University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19711, USA

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Winter Social

Join OISS for a Winter Social! Come alone or with friends to enjoy karaoke, winter refreshments and camaraderie with those of us who are on campus this...

1/24/2020 4pm
Graduate College New Graduate Student Orientation for Spring 2020

Orientation Program (4:00pm) for all Graduate Students beginning in the Spring 2020 Semester The Graduate College staff is pleased to welcome you to the...

2/6/2020 4pm
Hospitality Business Management Career Fair

Whether you are a freshman exploring the possibilities or a senior getting ready to graduate, or somewhere in between, please join us for the the Hospitality...

2/25/2020 1pm
Decision Day Admitted Student Open House

Join us for Decision Day, the University of Delaware's open house for admitted students and their families. During Decision Day, you will have the...

2/29/2020 8am
 Communications, Marketing & Media Career Meetup

Looking for internships and jobs in media, advertising, public relations, marketing and branding? Join us for an evening of networking with employers and...

3/10/2020 5pm

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Anna Shields

Anna Shields left a positive review 10/8/2019

I really enjoyed it!

Hunter Prasch

Hunter Prasch left a review 9/4/2019

It was a pleasure talking to the smaller firms, they had a lot to say about the field.

John Verdi

John Verdi left a positive review 6/9/2019

Food was very good, well-attended, good presentation by president Assanis. Weather difficulties did not seem to have any affect other than venue.

Shawn Cosgrove

Shawn Cosgrove left a positive review 6/9/2019

The only thing I loved more than hanging out with my co-workers is meeting new faculty and staff from across the campus!!

Linda Olsen

Linda Olsen left a positive review 3/29/2019

Very informative and well-presented. Lots of information crammed into a small hour. Great refreshments.

Lyle Neff

Lyle Neff left a review 3/7/2019

I went to the workshop, but there was a sign outside the room saying that it had been cancelled. If I had been notified ahead of time that it had been cancelled, I would not have had to waste my time trapsing across campus in 29 F degree weather for absolutely nothing.

Delphine Lewis

Delphine Lewis left a positive review 5/16/2018

Very good!

Delphine Lewis

Delphine Lewis left a positive review 2/22/2019

She was very good.. Please have her back again

Laura Schmidt

Laura Schmidt left a positive review 2/22/2019

The event was very well executed, and Angela Davis was, of course, great. Thanks for bringing her to campus.

Joseph Coffin

Joseph Coffin left a positive review 2/21/2019

The experience was informative as well as inspiring. The whole night was eye opening and made me feel closer with the community.