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Trabant University Center, University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19711, USA

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Campus Breakout: The Preview of Perkins Live | Trabant Now

At Campus Breakout: The Preview of Perkins Live | Trabant Now, you'll be able to explore the campus and connect with other new students through attending a...

8/25/2018 8:30pm
Latino Student Welcome

You're invited to attend a Latino/x Student Welcome on Thursday, August 30, 2018 from 5:30 - 7:30pm in the Trabant University Center, Multipurpose Rooms A &...

8/30/2018 5:30pm
Latino/x Student Welcome

Come learn about the Latino/x community and the various support resources as you interact with UD faculty, staff, students and RSO's. See flyer RSVP HERE

8/30/2018 5:30pm
The Art of Scientific Publishing

Scientific journals have very high rejection rates — 75 percent or greater. The transformation of a manuscript into a published paper is a major challenge....

9/6/2018 12:30pm

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Andrea Alesi

Andrea Alesi left a positive review 5/16/2018

I think the Benefits & Wellness fair was amazing! Thank you!

Francis Eleuterio

Francis Eleuterio left a positive review 2/20/2018

Dr. Carlos was a terrific and inspirational speaker. His life experiences and down-to-earth style were very compelling. He has a genuine human rights oriented perspective on American culture. His appreciation and support for constructive activism made him a great choice for the forum.

Margaret Spivey

Margaret Spivey left a positive review 2/20/2018

What a pleasure it was to hear Mr. John Carlos speak about a monumental time in history for social justice and to be a powerful and yet so transparent voice for African Americans. This opportunity was invaluable and one I will never forget. I am charged to continue a legacy of change and do the right thing despite the opposition that waits me. Where ever my feet are planted, I will be sure to use that place as my platform just as John Carlos did and continues to do.

Daniel Lanier III

Daniel Lanier III left a positive review 12/8/2017

It was great !

Nicole Robinson

Nicole Robinson left a positive review 11/8/2017

Very fun,informative and relatable! Very happy that I went!

Agnijit Das Gupta

Agnijit Das Gupta left a positive review 11/8/2017

Very nice and informative! I loved it.

Daniel Prado de Oliveira

Daniel Prado de Oliveira left a positive review 6/20/2017

Mama Sean was lit! It was amazing, I had a lot of fun

Candace Jusino

Candace Jusino left a positive review 4/12/2017

I loved it! The round-table atmosphere was so inviting. It created a safe space to talk about some more sensitive topics around race, gender, & discrimination (to name a few) without any judgement. So much great information and lot of take aways that I can use on a daily basis.

Kimberly Ragan

Kimberly Ragan left a positive review 4/28/2016

Great speaker - engaging, knowledgeable and relevant!

Carol Hill

Carol Hill left a positive review 3/9/2016

Dave Munson is passionate about educating the next generation of engineers to be globally competitive in the marketplace by having International, multi-disciplinary, diverse experiences.