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USC Vendor Lazy Bones

USC Vendor Lazy Bones 9/1/2016 9:00am

Laundry Service

Study Abroad and Global Studies Fair

Study Abroad and Global Studies Fair 9/1/2016 2:00pm

Students, Global / Institute for Global Studies

Join the Institute for Global Studies and the Center for Global & Area Studies as they present a world of opportunities to explore the globe-- both on-campus...

USC Vendor Lazy Bones

USC Vendor Lazy Bones 9/6/2016 9:00am

Laundry Service

Meet The Firms

Meet The Firms 9/8/2016 5:00pm

Students, Career Services, Academics, Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics / Business & Economics Accounting & Management Information Systems, Business & Economics Finance, Career Services Center, Financial Analysis & Reporting

Meet the Firms is designed to help employers interact with undergraduate and graduate students from all majors and degrees pursuing full-time positions and...

Target Information Table

Target Information Table 9/14/2016 9:00am

Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics, Academics, Students, Career Services / Career Services Center

Come see Target today, as we share how you can use your business, leadership and people skills to inspire exceptional performance. Maximize sales and profits...

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Kimberly Ragan

Kimberly Ragan left a positive review 4/28/2016

Great speaker - engaging, knowledgeable and relevant!

Carol Hill

Carol Hill left a positive review 3/9/2016

Dave Munson is passionate about educating the next generation of engineers to be globally competitive in the marketplace by having International, multi-disciplinary, diverse experiences.

Sophia Baluk

Sophia Baluk left a positive review 3/8/2016

The Black Maria Film & Video Festival was an enjoyable program that gave me important insight into the works of individual animators and film-makers. It was both captivating and educational and I look forward to any future Black Maria events!

Xirong Wang

Xirong Wang left a positive review 11/11/2015

It is great event. I got a lot valuable suggestion from recruiters

Nan Jiang

Nan Jiang left a positive review 9/28/2015

Fantastic! Helped breaking down the cases and guided us through the process. Very helpful.

Joanne Sampson

Joanne Sampson posted a photo 9/25/2015

Priscilla Crisden

Priscilla Crisden left a positive review 2/23/2015

It was awesome! I gained a deeper and clearer understanding of the events before and after the senate hearings.

Aaron Kupchik

Aaron Kupchik left a positive review 2/19/2015

Dr. Harris-Perry was terrific. She was engaging and funny, while clearly communicating a message of empowerment. This was a wonderful event!

Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson left a positive review 2/19/2015

Thank you for an inspirational talk.

Daniel Lees

Daniel Lees left a positive review 12/11/2014

This was a large event, and I could not see all of it, but I did hear four mechanical engineering presentations. All four were of a high professional quality, both in the research and results and the presentation. These students are clearly prepared for the next step in their careers. The department is to be congratulated.

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